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Loose Vintage Emerald Cut Moissanite


Product Description

My first vintage style prototype moissanite is here, and I LOVE it!  I chose to design it with really deep corners for more of an elongated Asscher look to it, and will have 2 versions to offer - one with a more modern culet, and one with a more vintage culet, coming soon.

The faceting on these stones is crisp and structured, with that hall of mirrors effect we love in a good step cut, and no visible double refraction at all.  Bowtie is minimal, non-existent actually, in most all lighting conditions.  You will see just a little steeliness across the middle facets in low lighting, but even close up those facets don't pick up the black of my cameral lens.

The size list is not all inclusive - additional sizes can be custom ordered, contact us for pricing.

Additional photos and videos here

* Please note that stones are ordered from my manufacturer on demand, with a 1-3 week delivery time, depending on the cutter's volume.  Please plan accordingly

$45.00 (Fixed shipping cost)