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Love Affair Jewelry Cleaner by Lavish

YOU GUYS!  I have found the Holy Grail of jewelry cleaners!  Y'all know how picky I am about...well...everything lol.  So imagine my gobsmackedness when I was at JCK over the summer and tried a sample of what can only be described as a jewelry cleaning miracle sent down from heaven itself - I love it so much, I'm putting my name on it and offering it not only for sale on the site, but also as a free gift with every jewelry purchase made!  

Cleaning your jewels has never been easier - you have my word on that!



What kind of jewelry can I use Lavish on?

Lavish is safe and effective on all metals and gems including soft, porous stones like pearls and opal. Lavish can even be used on costume jewelry and doesn't contain any acids that will break down glue. Lavish is safe for use on antique jewelry pieces as well.  The only exceptions are Amber and Ethiopian Opal. Because it is a resin material and not a gem, Amber should only be cleaned with a soft cloth. Ethiopian opal is hydrophane, meaning it absorbs water, which can lead to instability and crazing. Any moisture could contribute to problems and should be avoided with Ethiopian opals.

Will Lavish work on silver jewelry?          

Yes, Lavish will remove light to medium (yellow-brown) everyday tarnish from silver. (Because Lavish is designed not to harm applied patinas and antiquing often found on silver jewelry, it won't remove heavy black tarnish.)

How does it work?         

Lavish is a non-toxic, biodegradable formulation which turns the grease, oil and grime on the jewelry into soap right on the surface so that the ionic reaction actually sequesters all the dirt, oil and grime and rinses away completely with water leaving your jewelry absolutely clean and sparkling.

Does Lavish contain Ammonia?         

No, Lavish does not contain Ammonia or any Prop 65 chemicals or carcinogens. It's completely safe for all your jewelry and gems, including plated jewelry.

What's the active ingredient?         

Lavish is a proprietary, biodegradable blend of specialized surfactants and naturally-derived components.

How many applications are in one bottle?         

There are 125-150 applications in each 2.5 oz bottle, so it only costs a few cents per cleaning.

How often should I use it on my jewelry?          

Lavish is safe enough to use every day to keep your jewelry sparkling like new. (You don't usually wear dirty clothes... why would you wear dirty jewelry?)

Can I use Lavish to clean my watch?          

Yes, Lavish is a superior cleaner for metal watchbands and cases. It won't harm the plating and the foaming action will penetrate the crevices and release the grime leaving your watch shining like new. Just follow the directions: apply the foam, use the included soft brush and rinse well. Do exercise caution, however, if the watch is not waterproof, and avoid using it on cloth or leather watch straps.

Can I use Lavish to clean my Pandora and Yurman jewelry?         

Lavish is the best choice for cleaning any of your jewelry that has applied patinas or antiquing... it will clean and brighten your Pandora, David Yurman and Heather Moore pieces without affecting the finish. Avoid using on leather or cloth with these pieces.

Can I travel on a plane with Lavish?         

Yes, Lavish is under the 3-ounce-size TSA rule for air travel.

Where is Lavish made?

Lavish is made in America, with love.