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SOLD! 2.56ct Antique Cushion Cut Diamond - AGS M, VS2


Product Description

I don't think a more perfect antique cushion could possibly exist!  This beauty has a gorgeous shape, with a very symmetrical outline (only one corner is ever so slightly shallower than the other, only visible under magnification, but to the eye it has quite the perfect slightly elongated shape), super tiny table, high pillowy crown, and nice Maltese cross type facets under the table, which catch all the colors around it.  It's so bright and brilliant, facing up whiter than other M colored diamonds I've compared it to - I would call it a "high M/borderline L", as even the body color from the side is very faint.  

It has so much presence on the hand and is such a rare find - very firey, flashing tons of pastel colors, with just the right amount of kozibe.  And rarest of all - the culet is not very large!  If you're someone who is looking for an antique cushion with a smaller culet, take this baby for a spin!  

The VG polish grade tells me that this diamond has been recently repolished, most likely to clean up abraded facet junctions (common with diamonds this old), however the girdle was left intact and frosted, so it was essentially just restored to its original glory, erasing the 100+ years of wear and tear it was showing.  


Measures 8.45 x 7.84 x 5.66mm

72.3% depth, 44.5% table


Additional photos and videos here