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SOLD! 4.01ct Antique Old Mine Cushion Cut Diamond - AGS K, SI1/GIA L, SI1


Product Description

Another amazing antique old mine cushion cut, this time of a slightly different flavor!  This diamond, like the one above, has a beautiful and symmetric square pillow shape, but with more structured faceting under the table, for a less organic rustic look.  Still an old diamond, but likely a little later on the timeline (circa mid to late 1800's), and no less rare and amazing!  

Despite being GIA certed when I bought it, I was sure that the diamond was a high L/boderline K, so I sent it to AGS for a second report, so this beauty is now dual certed!  It's priced like an L, however I do feel that the K color grade is more accurate, and that GIA was overly harsh due to the diamond's faint fluorescence (over-compensating, lol).  This stone faces up so brilliant and bright, sometimes showing off gorgeous steely light/dark contrast, at other times brilliant blinding white, and then other times showing a kaleidoscope of vivid colors.

Diamond measures 9.15 x 8.90 x 6.38mm
71.7% depth (a classic ring pop stone!!!), 63% table

Additional photos and videos here